Why Timbershades Offers Phoenixwood

Phoenixwood is one the materials used by Timbershades for their shutters and blinds. This shutter is designed to be used on the inside of the house. You can fit it within the

frame of your windows or outsode the frame, but the end result will be simply impressive.

These shutters have a more open grain when compared to other materials. It is sturdy and decorative as well, thus can offer both a traditional and a modern look.

The various options for you in phoenixwood when you are shopping for shutters at timbershades.com.au are:

* Size – You can choose the size of the blade you want (6 flat, 63 elliptical, 84 flat, 89 elliptical and 114 elliptical)

* Finish – give your blinds a unique finish by choosing the color of your choice. You can choose from existing stains and pain or even a custom paint.

* Panel – The maximum height of a panel can be 3000mm and the maximum width can be 920mm.